Problem Statement My Approach Deliverables

Industrial Design Center (Internship)

Problem Statement

1. Aim is to increase the temperature of the Solar Oven
2. Design of Reflector for Solar Oven
3. Material Selection of Cookware
4. Design of Cookware and their stacking mechanism

About the project

Sunrice solar oven project was initiated and developed by Mr. Avinash Prabhune (Project Manager, Shenoy Labs, IITB) during his M. des at IIT Bombay.

Approach to the problem

Mindmap was prepared for the ideation process of cookware for solar oven.

Calculations involved in solar Cooker reflector dimensions

Diagram for Reflection of Sun rays.

Formula Used

For the design of reflector different mockup were prepared and tested. Various material were used for mockup so as to get better visualization and ideas.

Steps involved in Mockup Preparation


1.Foldable Type
2.Rotating TypeRe
3.Flapper Type
4.Curtain Type
5.Movable flapper(final design)

Features of this design
1. Protection from rain
2. Helps to prevent dust accumulation
3. Helps to give user feel of turn off and On


Paper Mockup

Isometric view of Paper Mockup

Front view of Paper Mockup

Lever mechanism of solar oven

Styrene Mockup

Styrene Mockup Preparation

Side view of Styrene Mockup

CAD Design

CAD render of initial and final prototypes